Self care Solutions for Living Pain Free

Combining cutting edge science with ancient knowledge.

The Gravity Technique (TGT) is designed to get to the bottom of your chronic joint pain symptoms from the outset.
Joint pain is often caused because we are moving a particular way in our day to day activities; compensating for repetitive movements, old injuries, surgery or because our bodies are changing as we progress through life.
TGT is revolutionary in its approach and challenges many of today’s beliefs around our ability to take control of our health. It is designed to offer an alternative solution to conventional healthcare, often pills, painkillers and endless visits to the physio.
The Gravity Techniques are a set of exercises that work to repattern old habits in your body so your symptoms are significantly reduced and in many cases relieved all together. If you’ve been suffering for some time, it may come as a shock to hear that it is in fact, that simple.
“We are on a mission to change the mindset that living in pain and feeling out of control is just a part of life and something we have to put up with.”

What are the benefits of The Gravity Technique?

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TGT offers you an escape route from never-ending psychological effects like depression, anxiety, mood fluctuations and many other symptoms that can develop when we’re in chronic, constant pain.

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Body mobility gives us freedom. It gives us the power to live the life we want, doing the things we love with the people we love. Keeping a good range of movement and flexibility along with balance and strength can help us to live a longer, pain free life.

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Being able to move pain-free has been proven to help you move more freely, get better sleep, feel motivated to eat healthier and exercise more. All this can boost your energy and mood, helping you to do everything better and more easily.

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When we take the time to listen to our bodies and do what needs to be done to fix our pain, we’re more likely to take the time to put ourselves first in other ways. We realise our health is a priority and take the steps needed to support our recovery and sustain it.

Work with Caz

One to One

One to One

Working with Caz one to one puts you on a fast track to feeling better. Accelerate your journey to pain free with my one-on-one guidance. Ready to leave pain behind and reclaim your life? Take the leap with me and start thriving today.




TGT self-care solutions are targeted mini courses that get you back to your life rapidly & effectively. If you’re being bogged down or distracted by pelvic floor issues, pain from sitting at the desk or postural problems, look no further.




If you’re ready to take your movement practise to the next level, I invite you to join me on this journey of self-discovery through movement.  LIVE on Zoom every Saturday Morning at 9am with a class that’s anything but cookie-cutter.


I know what you’re going through

As a teen, I had multiple abdominal surgeries for a kidney issue that left me with some complex habitual movement patterns that were causing me pain.
Like you I wasn’t satisfied with the strong painkillers or surgery as options for the pain, so I kept searching for an answer that would empower me to take control of my own health and wellbeing.
My own pain and post-surgery trauma journey, along with over 20 years of studying and working with clients let me to develop my own solution. The Gravity Technique.
Some clients call me a Body Movement Specialist, one client called me a “Body Magician!”  In truth, I don’t know what my official title is.

“I just know bodies, how they work and how to get them pain free rapidly and effectively.”

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