The Gravity Technique with Caz Hitchcock, Oxfordshire

What is The Gravity Technique?

The Gravity Techniques are a set of exercises (for want of a better word) that relieve chronic joint pain by identifying and replacing faulty movement patterns.

The Gravity Technique Teacher Training gives teachers an accreditation that sets them apart from being ‘just another yoga teacher‘.

EVERYONE deserves to live pain-free

Teacher Training

If you’ve completed your yoga teaching qualification and you’re feeling that what you practise, what you’ve been taught to teach and what’s being presented in front of you in the bodies of your students doesn’t quite match up, then you’ve come to the right place!


TGT is revolutionary in its approach and challenges many of today’s beliefs around health and wellbeing. I created the Gravity Technique to heal myself first and foremost when I’d reached the end of the road with conventional healthcare and was left with the options of heavy-duty painkillers and surgery.

About Me

Multiple abdominal surgeries and a condition called keloid scarring left me with some seriously funky faulty movement patterns and fifteen years after my final surgery I started to run into chronic pain, discomfort and reduced mobility.

Serve your students with confidence

There’s nothing like wanting to serve your students at the highest level and share your yoga passion with the world, but feeling out of your depth when you see your clients struggling, having to ask them to sit certain asanas out or being asked questions at the end of class that you simply don’t have the answers to.

From twenty years practising yoga and over fifteen years in the teaching arena, I’ve experienced the feeling of unease when watching students struggle, worrying they might hurt themselves, felt the helplessness in knowing how to assist them to enjoy their yoga more and the lack of confidence when being asked by students what to do about something that hurt during the session.

Can The Gravity Technique help people in pain?

TGT is designed to get to the bottom of the problem, often a faulty movement pattern, clear it down and replace it with something more useful and the pain goes away. It sounds devastatingly simple and if you’ve been in chronic pain for some time, it may come as a shock to find, it is, in fact, that simple.

What’s needed is for you to meet the process halfway, have an open mind, a willingness to get up close and personal with understanding your own body and put the work in.

After all, you get out as much as you put in.